Construction equipments - Sand screening machine

sand screening machine


  • Type : Motorized with worm reduction gearbox drive
  • Shell Size: 4 feet length,2.5 feet diameter
  • Machine Speed: Shell rotates at 20 Rpm,100% Wet sand can be sieved 
  • Output capacity: 4 tons wet sand/hour with conveyor system
  • Output capacity: 3 tons wet sand/hour with out conveyor system
  • Mesh size: 16 Guage x 6 holes per Inch (16 x 6),heavier mesh size, 4yrslife & No need to change the mesh frequently, so reduced labour cost
  • Gearbox: We manufacture gearbox, precision gears & good quality bearings - longer life
  • Motor: Crompton Greaves 1/2 HP single phase/3 phase.
  • Belt drive: Adjustable belt drive (Fenner belt)
  • Machine weight: 85 kgs
  • Handle: Operate manually on both front side and gear box side